My name is Eric Vonk.
I am a front end web developer.

reports of my website have been greatly exaggerated...


Who is this Eric person?

After a decade working in road construction, I decided I wanted to do something a bit more creative, combined with a life-long hobby of making things on a computer. Therefore, somewhere halfway the year 2014, I decided to change my career and become a front end developer. Having built a few websites in the past (which I really liked doing), I picked up my skills again with e-learning (see below).


Courses and skills

In the past, I have made little things in HTML, CSS and a little bit of PHP and MySQL. However, I knew I really needed to refresh my skills to be able to do some decent coding anno 2014. Thankfully, there are tons of online coding schools that have helped (and still help) me in expanding my knowledge about programming.


AngularJS (04-2015)
jQuery (01-2015)
Javascript (12-2014)
PHP (02-2014)
HTML/CSS (02-2014)


How to use Git and GitHub (12-2014)

My code



Things I've made

Klingon Clock

A realtime clock which displays the time in Klingon, both in (Klingon) numbers and in (Latin) text.

Built with: Javascript, HTML, CSS (Skeleton)
Code on Github

Gasfornuis Music

Website for my (fictional) record company.

(work in progress)

Built with: HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), AngularJS, jQuery
Code on Github

N.S.R.V. Phocas

Former website of my student rowing club in Nijmegen. Built way back in 2003/2004, it used a custom made CMS and database.
(screenshot from the Internet Archive)

Built with: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, phpBB (forum)


Contact me

Connect with me on LinkedIN, or send me an E-Mail!

You can also find me on various other places all over the Internet. Here are just a few examples where I put things online: